Les Quennevais School

Les Quennevais School

St Berlade, Jersey

We created a Science Superlab Demonstration Chamber for Les Quennevais School and helped create a space with the flexibility a modern school needs. The Space allows students to see experiments that are beyond the norm for a school. The flexibility it offers is fantastic and has created some intense competition between the classes.

The building has been designed to maximise the natural light pouring into the classrooms, with vast windows looking out over the impressive grounds. The site offers an extensive array of sports facilities within its own sports centre and cutting edge interactive technology to maximise the student’s participation and engagement in class. There are also fully equipped spaces designated especially for broadening the students’ creative arts and technology skills.

It’s an inspiring environment for the students to learn in and a school that we, as an island, can be truly proud of.

Head Teacher Sarah Hague says she is extremely proud of the new school, and those who occupy it.

“It’s incredible, it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of, it’s the realisation of a vision that we’ve had for learning and facilities, which shows students what an aspirational environment can feel like. It’s a very adult environment, we wanted it to feel like a university, we wanted to capture that imagination in the children’s future and it’s got some amazing resources for them to access, but it feels like home very quickly as well which is lovely.”

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