G3000 Series Moveable Glass Walls
G3000 Series Moveable Glass Walls
G3000 Series Moveable Glass Walls
G3000 Series Moveable Glass Walls

Type G3000 Series – Mobile Glass Wall Partitions

Possible applications of type G3000 movable glass wall partitions are manifold in today’s modern and sophisticated architecture. They offer transparency and freely accessible illumination, for example in hotels, conference centres, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, churches and religious establishments and sports and leisure facilities.

Glass wall partitions harmonise with almost every ambience. Glass wall partitions are the creative answer for spaces requiring a physical, but not a visual, barrier. They are extremely diverse in today’s modern and sophisticated architecture ensuring many creative alternatives of colour, surface and individual conditioning. The crystal clear and coloured glasses of ESG is an ideal solution.

Glass wall partitions are available frameless with polished edges or framed with aluminium trim edges.

Hufcor movable partitions offer manifold design variants, from the planning and draft stages onwards.

Key Benefits:
  • Glass design ESG and VSG
  • Various glass surfaces (clear, stained, coloured, sandblasted, printed, etched)
  • No floor rail
  • 2-point roller system for easy manoeuvrability

Hufcor G3000 Series Revit Matrix

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